Framing Britney Spears

Framing Britney Spears' Is A Damning Portrait Of How We Treat Female CelebritiesFinally we can watch this documentary in Canada via CRAVE, so I did.

I was never a fan of Britney as an artist (despite some very catchy songs) but over the years I became a fan of her as a person because unlike all the rest of wannabes craving attention, Britney sincerely wanted privacy, and felt uncomfortable with her unwanted monumental fame.

“Framing Britney Spears” illuminates how cruel Britney’s treatment was in the extra misogynist patriarchal DUMB society of some decades ago. And I’m not saying is over but misogyny and homophobia was a lot more common, accepted, and more evil back in those days.

And like Britney, other women in showbiz were also brutally destroyed by the press and the ignorant society… Courtney Love for instance, or Amy Winehouse because even though alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, our bully shit society had to make fun of them and condemned them.

And while Courtney is miraculously alive, Amy died.

Rare Amy Winehouse Demo Surfaces (Listen) - Variety

Or Janet Jackson, or even Paris Hilton because back in those days exposing parts of their female anatomy and sexuality was an invitation to slut-shaming them because the hypocrite North American society has no issues with guns and violence, but sex!

The natural part of life was/is worse than murder if you’re a female.

I always found it funny (ykwim) that it was all Janet Jackson apologizing and taking blame and barely anyone said any… | Feminist, Feminism, Intersectional feminism

The worst part of “Framing Britney Spears” is to see how her own family (particularly her gold-digging dad, and her ex-husband) took advantage (still do) of her vulnerability while she had a breakdown.

It is impossible to not feel empathy for Britney.

18 Framing Britney Spears Revelations That Shook Me

And it’s frustrating to see how society has gratuitously destroy that young joyous woman who once had a great gift and talent.

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Slowly Death

Sorry for the lack of updates, I worked over the weekend too. Gladly today is my Friday ’cause I’ll be off tomorrow for 3 days. #YAY

But besides work, I saw Max Saturday night…

We hugged hard when we saw each other, he brought food and we chilled for awhile before fucking.

He was nice as he usually is, however, I felt him somehow cold.

I don’t know how to explain it, I guess those of us who had relationships in the past can tell whenever a partner behaves different… A feeling that is not pleasant because you know something has changed, and not for good.

Strangely, despite that, I did my best to not overthink and to remain stoic.

Max knows I have feelings for him, but he also knows I’m very proud.

That been said, that very moment I felt something was different it was also the beginning of accepting that I have to let go.

The next morning getting ready for work, he was also ready to leave waiting for me at the door… See you soon? he said… Yes, I replied.

But while kissing my lips, deep inside that excitement slowly died in me.

Billy Langdon & Reece King For Attitude

The fashion world has always been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. But while many top designers and creative directors are gay, on the modelling side representation is still all too lacking, with casting directors continuing to rely heavily on heteronormative stereotypes when deciding on the face of their new campaign or collection.

British models Billy Langdon and Reece King share their experiences in a hyper masculine environment for Attitude magazine.

“I wasn’t a boy that loved to play football, I was never really boisterous. I never had really boyish friends. Even when I was younger, I was always finding more things in common with the girls.

“I love playing with both feminine and masculine energy, because that’s where I find myself on the spectrum… I think it’s only toxic when you try to put yourself in one box and you don’t let yourself out of it or explore it.”

billy on Twitter: "🍊… "

Billy says the pressure on models to appeals to certain audiences can often prevent them from full expressing themselves, but that picture is beginning to improve.

“There’s a lot of stigma still surrounding what an LGBTQ+ person is [in the fashion world]. It’s kind of hard for the world to wrap their heads around the idea of male models who aren’t necessarily feminine or hyper-masculine”, he says.

26-year-old Reece King, who has shot for top fashion brands including Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier, admits “a lot of brands still aren’t OK” with hiring male models who express themselves in a more feminine way.

“I can’t speak for anyone, but from my experience around male models, sometimes there’s a portrayal of what you need to do to get booked”, says Reece.

COITUS ONLINE: Reece King by Pantelis | Image Amplifiedchilling 🌷🌷 photography @akeembiggs | Black beauties, Photography, Reece

“I think a lot of it is personality and attitude. And for some reason, I think certain places think it’s easier to just go with the ‘straightest’ male. But obviously, times are changing.”

“But at the same time, the spectrum of what a woman is and what a man is — this is so loose to me, it’s not as restricted, but I think that I’m comfortable with saying, ‘I’m just not straight’.

As usual, Attitude has excellent topics.

Variable Font Highlighting Effects Of Climate Change

Humans pumping out greenhouse gases for decades has had the effect of raising the planet’s temperature. One of the consequences of warmer temperatures is the melting of arctic ice and ever-increasing sea levels.

According to a report from the 2017 UN Ocean Conference, climate-related natural disasters cost the world economy $520 billion and sends 26 million into poverty annually.

To visually represent how quickly arctic ice is melting, Helsingin Sanomat, the largest Nordic newspaper, has released a new typeface, Climate Crisis, and it’s free for individual and commercial use.

The most obvious use cases are likely for media outlets communicating the urgency of the climate change crisis, as you can set the OpenType variable font to represent the level of sea ice that has melted into the ocean from 1979 to 2050.

Central banks and climate change: all hot air | Financial Times

The data used to visualize the ice melt are from National Snow and Ice Data Center’s (NSIDC) data from 1979 to 2019 and projections to 2050 from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”s (IPCC) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

Europe′s shocking failure to act on climate | Environment| All topics from  climate change to conservation | DW | 22.12.2017CLIMATE CHANGE EXPECTED TO FUEL LARGER FOREST FIRES — IF IT HASN'T  ALREADY... - Job One for Humanity

An inexorable unfolding tragedy because humans are selfish AF.

The Typewriter

Typewriters remind us of a different era. And there’s a kind of romanticism that comes with that. And there’s also the fact that so many great writers typed out some of the greatest works of literature on these machines.

This brisk & artfully concocted 2-minute video by Ariel Avissar features dozens of typewriters being used in TV & movies.


Men of Montreal

As you know I live in Montreal, and as I mentioned in countless previous posts Montreal is sex city… Sodom and Gomorrah… the Canadian mecca of porn.

Because French-Canadians are hot and very open-minded. Especially men!

Needless to say I met some gay pornstars in the past, almost dated one, and currently live near one. That being said, below some of the most international gay performers from Montreal.


Malik is gay-for-pay. And before becoming a pornstar he used to be a stripper in a very popular gay strip club here in Montreal.


I met Jake years ago, at his beginning, when I used to work for an adult company. I also saw him randomly few times in gay clubs. Although he’s very short in height, he’s a hot guy.


Benjamin is the typical local Quebecois (French-Canadian) you see on the streets… blond, blue eyes, cute, that seems like nothing special and yet is absolute gorgeous.


Bo Sinn was a pro snowboarder before stepping into porn. He was a horny guy with a monster cock (10 inches) and shot private movies with girls that became popular. And after shooting for several straight companies, he also become gay-for-pay and started doing gay porn.


I don’t know much about him other than he’s also a Quebecois that was raised on a farm on the countryside. And outside of porn, he works as a flight attendant and is in the process of receiving his pilot license. Regardless, as most French-Canadians, he’s hot.


Although he’s not from Quebec (he’s from Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick,) he lives in Montreal and is also French-Canadian since in New Brunswick people is also of French ancestry and bilingual (the majority of French Canadians reside here in Quebec) And if he makes this list it’s because Thyle lives on my neighbourhood.

Not to mention he looks a lot like a guy I had a fling with many years ago.

But what these, or any, French-Canadian men have in common besides language and sexual appetite? AMAZING BUTTS!

My theory for that has always been winter sports like hockey and skating. Since we almost have 5 months of winter those asses and legs truly have an spectacular workout.

And all the Quebecois I’ve been with are proof of that. For instance, Max:

Or the Prime Minister who’s also French Canadian descent.

find someone - Imgflip

Long story short, I love my city and its hot men!

Half A Million Dollars GIF

How much is a gif or meme worth anyway?

Well, if you’re the person who bought the remastered Nyan Cat GIF, that’s going to run you about 300 Ether. And that’s cryptocurrency speak for half a million dollars, or more specifically, as of this writing, $519,174.00.

To celebrate the beloved GIF’s 10th anniversary, Nyan Cat’s creator Chris Torres did a few tweaks to his Pop-Tart cat flying through space leaving a trail of rainbows in its path, called it a “remaster,” (Torres removed a star that would pop up out of nowhere in the original gif) and will never sell another Nyan Cat for the rest of his days, making it a one-of-a-kind original GIF.

The auction took place last Friday on the crypto art site Foundation.

Sites like Foundation sell these original artworks with NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. The cryptocurrency works similar to Bitcoin. And Nyan Cat is hardly the first piece to go up from sale.

Anywho, now you can say a GIF of a cat with a Pop-tart body propelling itself through space via rainbow farts is worth half a million bucks.

Welcome to the future!