Programming Note

I don’t have time for emotions today and YET here I am.

I just finished packing and my luggage is about to explode. This is hell!

For some reason I feel like I’m missing something, when all I ever need is:

  1. An orgasm
  2. Attention
  3. $50,000

I’m leaving to the airport soon and I’m not sure if I’d be able to blog the coming days, or ever again… I mean, hoping nothing go wrong (and I’m still alive) you’ll hear from me.

Otherwise, here are my last words:

To the men of my life

Hubby: I loved you yesterday, I love you still and I always will.
Bunny: From here to the moon and back, I adore you that much.
Justin: You and I, one day, will fall in love again.
Joseph: No one misses you more than I. You marked me for life.
PatrickA: I know the song that makes you think of me. And you also mean all that to me.
Xavier: If there ever comes a day that we can’t be together, keep in your heart, you’ll be in mine forever.
My current lovers: Thank you!

This song is for all of you:

If I don’t come back give my stuff to the less fortunate, all my porn/sex toys to those who need a smile in their soul and my paintings to whoever appreciate my sad work.

Oh! One last word to my boss and to Revenu Quebec: FUCK YOU!

Take care you guys!

Big Nazi BITCH Sobs On Camera After Being Told He’s Wanted By The Police: “I’m Terrified!”

Christopher Cantwell, the same vicious FUCKTARD Nazi seen here, has posted a sobbing video after being told that there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Cantwell claims he’s “terrified” the police will murder him if he turns himself in… because it’s all fun and games until your mom wants her sheets back.

Raw Story reports:

“I called the Charlottesville Police Department,” Cantwell said, “and said, ‘I have been told there’s a warrant out for my arrest. They said they wouldn’t confirm it but that I could find this out I could go to a magistrate or whatever.”

“With everything that’s happening, I don’t think it’s very wise for me to go anywhere,” he continued. “There’s a state of emergency, the National Guard is here!” He kept breaking off to wipe away tears, saying, “I don’t know what to do. I need guidance.”

“Our enemies will not stop, they’ve been threatening us all over the place,” he whined before freaking out that Chelsea Manning is threatening to “curb stomp” Nazis.

“You have no testosterone!”


These bastards are only brave in groups. Send them to fight ISIS, send them to fight drug lords and see how brave they are. 

Have fun in prison with a big black cock deep in your boyhole, bitch!

Master Roshi

Last weekend marked the bi-annual Comic Market in Tokyo, and this time, visitors were thrilled with an awesome Dragon Ball cosplay that people will probably be talking about for a while!

Pulled off by bodybuilder Taichi Shimizu, his costume was of Master Roshi in his Max Power form. For those who don’t know, the Max Power form is a power up that only Master Roshi has, where he can dramatically gain strength and muscle mass.

Since Shimizu pretty much has the whole strength and muscle mass thing covered, all he had to do was pull off the perfect costume, and I  must say, he sure did.

Pretty on point!!!

Mess All Over

I stopped caring on whatever news from the United States long ago, but since the tragic/embarrassing events of the weekend I’m watching again political shows and debates.

This trainwreck of a segment happened last Monday …

In one corner (specifically, the top left) we have conservative commenter mess Paris Dennard. To his right is Democratic strategist Keith Boykin.

The pair were guests on Brooke Baldwin’s CNN Newsroom, ostensibly to square off over whether the orange clown much-belated condemnation of white supremacy on Monday was sufficient for a nation still reeling from the terrorist attack and race riots that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend.

However, as you can see from the clip below, their actual argument quickly went waaaaay off the rails.

If there’s a hero to this whole story, it’s not Dennard or Boykin ’cause they were too busy shouting over one another.

Nor is it really host Baldwin, who, at one point after losing control of her own show,  simply puts her head in her hands presumably praying to make it through this segment in one piece.

No. If there’s a hero of this excruciatingly awkward teleplay, it’s Joseph Pinion, AKA “guy on the lower left,” who earned a hug from Baldwin  after spending the entire argument silently making faces like:

Feeling you Joe. Feeling you!