Not A Father’s Day

It’s not Father’s Day in this country, so I totally forgot to call my dad. 

The truth is, being surrounded by my cousins makes forget everything out there…

This weekend was my other nephew birthday and my cousin rented an Arcade for it. While the kids played, my other cousin’s husband took me to Hard Rock to watch the World Cup match. The next day we had a churrasco at my cousin’s, and some birthday cake.

By night we went to explore the old plaza and historic side of the city

Before I forget again, I want to take this opportunity to say: Happy Daddy’s Day TO ME and to all the wonderful dads (and father figure) everywhere. And here’s a picture of my baby (Sai Sai) in Montreal right now, whom I left with one of my exes until I’m back.

By far, the only one I miss!

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Have you heard of Dennis the Menace? Well, my nephew is pretty much the Latin version.

My cousin (his mom) was like that. Actually, being naughty runs in our genes…

That’s why we all get along really good!

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Tune Of The Day

Live It Up by Nicky Jam feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi

We raise our flags and put our pride on our back.

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The teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s Dumbo is here and I’ve got to say, I forgot how much I love him. It’s so nice to have a Johnny Depp-less Burton film to look forward to.

As far as Disney live-action remakes go, this looks pretty dark. And that’s a good thing!

It’s not just the story of a cute elephant that can fly, but of animal cruelty.

The iconic movie Dumbo, released in 1941, was ahead of its time in showcasing how baby elephants (elephants: one of the world’s most intelligent animals, and empathetic beings) in circuses are torn away from their mothers, beaten into submission, and sentenced to a life in chains and boxcars when they aren’t being forced to perform dangerous tricks. 

Dumbo is a deeply disturbing story that’s ruined many a childhood and it deserves an equally disturbing, childhood ruining remake.

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It’s ON!

The long-awaited 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Thursday in Moscow with an opening ceremony at the legendary Luzhniki Stadium.

Less than an hour before the start of the official opening ceremony supermodel Natalia Vodyanova from Russia and football legend, Spaniard, Iker Casillas (the 2010 FIFA World Cup winner) brought to the pitch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Original Trophy.

The Trophy was brought to the stadium in a newly-designed travel case by Louis Vuitton, which had the lock and six clasps made in ruthenium – a strong dark-grey metal that has the chemical symbol Ru and was named after the host of this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The ceremony started with the performance of a classical music piece by Russian composer Pyotr Chaikovsky. Then, Britain’s mess Robbie Williams (still trying to understand WHY) him) appeared on the field accompanied by Brazilian football legend Ronaldo.

As the opening ceremony continued Russian harpist and composer performed one of his musical themes, while a huge firebird was rolled out on the pitch and as it spread its wings Russian operatic soprano Aida Garifullina emerged on the back of the fairytale creature.

Anyhow, the whole thing was ok, but the gala was a lot better.

Now let’s talk about yesterday’s match Spain vs Portugal and Crispy Cristiano Ronaldo incredibly hat-trick free-kick goal…

What a beauty!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo just played one of the best games of his life. He was outstanding yeterday, holding up play like a champ, giving life to numerous counterattacks with ingenious flicks and passes, and, oh yeah, scoring three goddamn goals in what ended as a 3-3 tie, which rescued his team a point when it looked like they were out of it.

I don’t usually praise Cristiano but he totally deserves this post.

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A Better Life…

And I finally arrived to my destination, where a portion of the 3rd world feels touched by Midas, at least the world of my family, because their reality is on a different page…

All of their luxury is not my reality in Canada, that’s why I call it vacations.

Pirai River. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Random street snaps and goodies of my cousin’s Café

Breakfast at one’s of my cousin’s. Passion fruit jam (so yummy!) Mia (my cousin’s dog) and my nephew Salvador

My aunt’s house (my mom’s sister) and making a painting

One of my cousin’s house and many cars

Continuation of the pic above, and my niece Luciana

I gotta say it feels great to be SOOO spoiled and live, for at least some days, a better life, far away from a job I hate and all the ungrateful men. 

In short, I love my family so fucking much!!

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Timeless Classic Of The Day

Perfection by QUEEN Dannii Minogue

Never felt so right.

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