Fucked Up Week

Sorry for the lack of updates, work is been a pain in the ass this week.

Since I took my boss’s position I had to deal with tons of shit without the company’s help (considering that I’m new in the position and I didn’t have any training). I’ve been working extra hours no paid, getting back home late, and stressing to make a god job. But when they have zero consideration, I also have zero patience. I’m ONLY submissive in bed, not in life!

Anyway chances are I’m quitting the position today. Not because I can’t do it, but because I’m underpaid for it. And I’m not accepting that.

Now, speaking of submission, yesterday I got a text from another hot muscular top who’s been after my virginity for awhile.

He’s obviously another straight dude cheating on his girlfriend… As it’s usually the case of all the heterocurious wanting to sex me. So since I need a hot fuck to change my mood, I may see him on Sunday. 

Oh! David also messaged me on Thursday night.

But I was way too tired.

Tonight, however, I’m seeing Max.

Last time I saw him was a week ago, so after my shitty week he’d better do me good. Anyhow, I gotta work now. I’ll be back.

Orville Peck For GAYTIMES

Canadian masked musician-songwriter Orville Peck is on the cover of GAYTIMES. Orville is giving country music a long-overdue queer twist.

And he has a GREAT voice!

The talented country musician remains an anonymous figure, thanks to the fringed mask he always wears and he’s fun that way.

To me he’s the most appealing music character since Marilyn Mason.

JK Rowling’s New Book Is About A Man Who Dresses As A Woman TO KILL… #RIPJKRowling

J.K. Rowling's New Book Under Fire For Cross-Dressing Serial Killer

#RIPJKRowling trended on Twitter today, and not because she actually died.

That hashtag trended after Twitter found out that her latest book (she wrote under one of her pen names, Robert Galbraith) is about a cis man who crossdresses when killing women.

I know, such a completely original plot, and since everyone knows how JK feels about trans people, this feels like she’s spewing out some anti-trans symbolic fuckery.

So, no, JK isn’t dead, she’s just killing the nerves of many again.

Seriously gurl, you’re destroying all the magic with your transphobia. You have a billion dollars for therapy! 

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma - Social media and the (mal)formation of identity - BLOG - Dion Forster - An uncommon pathI pay for CRAVE and Netflix but barely watch anything ’cause I truly have no time and other priorities. However, last night I took a break and decided to watch something in order to feel less guilty for wasting my money.

So I watched The Social Dilemma.

The Social Dilemma fuses investigative documentary with enlightening narrative drama. Expert testimony from Insiders (from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) warn us about the very systems they helped build exposes our disturbing predicament: the services Big Tech provides-search engines, networks, instant information, etc, are merely the candy that lures us to bite.

Once we’re hooked and coming back for more, the real commodity they sell is their prowess to influence and manipulate us.

The fact that people is manipulated by social media is not news, but there’s a big difference between prehistoric humans like me, and younger generations. 

See, people like me grew up without social media, and I am, particularly, NOT curious about what others are doing because that’s my personality. Also, I have NO TIME for it. And even though I only use Instagram (because I love photography) I don’t need it for my self-esteem.

But that’s not the case of younger people growing up with apps (or old people with little reasoning). They’re addicted, they’re affected, and many are effortlessly manipulated/influenced by the amount of social media they use.

In short, when you have personality, and a real life with responsibilities and priorities, manipulation by social media is NOT a dilemma.