Forward To The Past

Sorry for the lack of updates but my excuse is the same: work and sex.

It may sound like I’m a sex worker, but I’m not.

I’m a workaholic.The fantasy of some and reality of many.

That been said this week I reconnected with some ex fuckfriends, guys that in the past were my hot ticket to pleasure. Although I haven’t seen any yet, I’m busy with the new ones because I don’t last “not taken” too long.

It’s funny how from time to time my ex straight fuckfriends comeback, but I guess they have a good souvenir of me. After all, I was always chill and drama free.

And speaking of guys cheating on their girlfriends (many of my ex fuckfriens) a new bunch messaged me last night. Three of them want to come see me tonight, so I’m still not sure which one I’ll see but the three of them are hot AF so it’s a dilemma.

Yet, I never understood why cheating turn them on so much, I just don’t care.

It feels like I’m going forward to the past but with a future full of hot men.


The Catholic School (2021) - IMDbI was too tired to have sex yesterday, so I decided to watch a film…

For some reason I watched an Italian film (La Scuola Cattolica) based on true events that happened in 1975. The incident came to be known as the Circeo Massacre, in which two young women were tortured and raped, one of them murdered, by three upper-middle-class young men of far-right ideologies.

So, yeah, I watched a crime/thriller film that made me depressed.

Note to self: fuck dramas, have fun!

Although the film is ambitious it does not always focus on the issues it is trying to highlight in the background story : religion, parenting, toxic masculinity, faith, sexuality, etc (in a way to explain or analyse, or understand why the killers did what they did). It doesn’t always follow up with the concepts it tosses out. No to mention the narrative progression is confusing AF by the way it’s done (flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks).

The film is slow and grim (it’s a real life story) but it’s well-acted by a mix of established Italian actors like Valeria Golino, Jasmine Trinca, and Riccardo Scamarcio as parents, and talented young actors such as Luca Vergoni and Benedetta Porcaroli.

The Catholic School ending explained: How did the Circeo massacre happen?The Catholic School Ending Explained Angelo Izzo, and Gianni Guido

Even though I was expecting “ugly scenes” by the nature of the events, the film indulged too much in the crime itself… Watching two naked girls being terrorised for a long period of time by three naked psychopaths can be disturbing.

The conclusion of the film is not at all convincing since the title is “The Catholic School” as it feels that is trying to put an amount of blame on the school that had nothing to do with the criminal tendencies and ideology of the criminals.

At the time of the Circeo massacre, in Italy, rape was not considered a crime against the person but against public morality. This crime ignited a debate that only concluded in 1996 when sexual violence was finally considered a crime against the person.

Al cinema, e in tv, con 'La scuola cattolica': cosa accadde davvero nel massacro del Circeo?

Donatella Colasanti found alive, 1975

In short it was not a pleasant film, but I feel that people need to know these stories to fight similar crimes in the future.

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Dahmer-boycultureThe new Netflix series DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story stars Evan Peters as the serial killer/cannibal/sex offender who preyed on young gay men of colour.

This time, this horror story is more centred as a racial/homophobic-injustice tale, which is what it always was!

I have to say, I didn’t know about this monster until Netflix came with this… And I read the case and the stuff he did and I was not only disgusted, but also overwhelmed by the inefficiency and palpable racism and homophobia of the American “justice” system.

The story of the Asian kid who escaped, only to be escorted back into Dahmer’s lair by the cops is just horrifying!

You know… Many times in my life (when younger) I’ve put myself in dangerous situations meeting strangers. Luckily, I am alive. But I can only imagine the terror of that Asian kid who had a chance to remain alive, and of all the victims before they were murdered. 

There are no words for what Dahmer did.

A total thriller.

A Short Break

You may laugh when I say that I took a break (of two day) from lovemaking to catch up with the many books I have at home to read, and to Netflix and Crave. But I did!

And yes, although it is impossible to actually read or watch that much, I did pretty well because it’s amazing how productive and fast I can do stuff when I’m not consumed by sex.

Twelve hours of my day are dedicated to work and the other twelve hours to lust. And I want to feel embarrassed but I’m not.

That been said I also tried to blog many times this week, but the short amount of time I had for myself was not enough to do so.

What I did, however, was reading the graphic novel of the novel After.

I have to confess it’s the first time I read a graphic novel. I was hooked by the characters, the story of a good girl falling for a bad boy (my story lol) and the whole thing. It was a fun quick read.

I also finished to read a book called No Pianos, Pets or Foreigners! A memoir of the author about living in Japan in the 80’s.

It was en enjoyable easy read, although it kinda got boring by the end.

Besides, I’m almost done watching the second season of LEGENDARY. A show about an underground ballroom community and voguing teams, called “Houses,” competing in dance challenges and showcase fashions for chance to win a cash prize.

Legendary': HBO Max's Ballroom Competition Series Season 2 Premiere Date, Teaser – Deadline

To me LEGENDARY is the best LGBTQ show. Much better than Drag Race.

HBO's Legendary is just…Legendary! – The Chatty Enthusiast

And after my break from sex I got some again with a hot horny blond that came all the way from a suburb because French Canadians have a high sex drive and they always drive to me.

He came, he conquered, he left.

Just the way I like it because my lonely life is pretty busy.

Harry Styles For Rolling Stone

Harry Styles

Harry Styles won me with his latest album. I was never interested in his music until As It Was touched me the way few songs had in the past. A song I can relate. From then I discovered his previous material.

I think Harry has evolved a lot and he’s definitely one of the top artists of his generation, so this cover is very well-deserved!


After working 10 days in a row, a day off at last!

And my day off started yesterday as soon as I arrived home… I had a feeling the night would be busy and my intuition was right… HugeD Top22 (another of my regulars) texted me asking if I was home (code for I’m coming to fuck you), and I couldn’t lie. #BlameMyHonesty

He was in Italy for over a month and returned last week because classes have already started. Needless so say back to school is always a welcoming fuckfest, so we pick up where we left off.

This guy has one of the thickest cock… And I swear I’ve been with many men, most of them super well hung, but HugeD Top22 is thick, shameless and memorable.

Gladly, he didn’t put my ass out of service like he did few times before even though he filled me twice.

You know, every time I post about my sexual encounters with different guys, there’s a moment when a part of me (my reasoning side) is like “WTF happened to you?”, because the essence of my blog was something else, something I no longer have. Trauma permanently changes us and this is the frightening truth about deception. You never really get over it… At best, you grieve and make some kind of peace with it. But a heavy disruption leaves a new normal behind.

There’s no going back to who you were before.

And again, when I get too serious I also dislike it….

So, back to sex.

Today I also got a message from another hot specimen that it’s been trying to do my old bones for a while. During the time I was exclusive to Max, so the timing was bad. But now single the moment has arrived.

In short, monday night was sexpectacular.

And it will repeat tomorrow tonight.

The Princess Royal Last Curtsy


Princess Anne has been a devoted daughter and has a reputation as the most hard-working royal, and coolest too.  She barely had any scandal in her life. I have the highest respect for her.

The final curtsy to her mother was such a poignant moment. Such grief and devotion, so nobly expressed.

The Princess Royal travels behind the hearse carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on September 11.

Princess Anne rode behind the Queen’s coffin for 6 hours.

Losing your mother is unbearable at any age.

Great respect for Anne.