Breaking Point?

After my last long-term relationship (late 2012) I was submerged in deception. I was very hurt by that person I loved and I found refugee in lust. All the guys I met boosted my lower-than-below self-esteem. Not only they become my regular sexmates but also my confidants. By mid 2013 I had 5 regular fuckfriends, 4 of them fell in love with me and that was not part of the plan. For me was only sex, even though I always treated them like boyfriends.

In between that period, I met a guy I fell for (Justin,) in fact we both fell in love with each other, but we had a big problem… he was only in the city for few days, he was from Vancouver. We had an intense fast-romance despite the fact that he was taken (I knew that later.) But I didn’t care, he had it all (nice smile, brain, great personality, amazing ass) His relationship (now over) was not much of a relationship and he wasn’t happy at all.

Below one of our combos on WhatsApp taking the dirty laundry out, after some small issues we had. Me = green

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We kept in touch for about 7 months, until we decided to call it a day. Justin was a sad goodbye.

After him, I met the guy who’s currently my main partner (Joseph) I got rid of all the rest and choose to go back to “monogamy,” because our sexual chemistry is something out of this world.

Regrettably, that’s our main bond, despite the fact that he also wants more… and I also want more whenever he’s not acting entitle and having a bad attitude. Sadly that’s not often the case.

And as you can imagine that creates tension and stress between us. Out of the bedroom, we don’t have much in common. But during sex, we are soulmates!

Recently we have been through a lot of stupid drama. See, he’s young and fiery, and I’m very explosive when he gets on my nerves. But we are addicted to each other and that always saves the day.

This morning after gloriously fucking the previous night, we had another bullshit episode.

I’m kind of fed up of that. He’s my drug, we have been together for 11 months having sex 3 to 4 days a week, BUT… I’m reaching a breaking point and that’s the point of no return.

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