25 Random Facts About Me

  1. I was born and raised in South America.
  2. My real name is German.
  3. I live in Montreal half of my life.
  4. My family moved to Canada escaping terrorism.
  5. I’m fluent in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish) I can read 4 and understand 5 overall (Italian and Portuguese).
  6. My maternal grandma was mixed Chinese and my paternal grandma mixed French.
  7. I never eat junk and I’m extremely disciplined with my nutrition.
  8. I’m a great husband material (I’m an awesome cook, I’m a clean freak, I’ll kiss you like I love you and fuck you like I hate you)
  9. All my official ex partners are of Asian and European background.
  10. Most of my sexmates were mixed (French Canadians half German/Russian/Czech/Japanese and Portuguese)
  11. I have 2 dogs (Mo & Sai Sai) and I share custody of one of them with one of my ex boyfriends since 2010.
  12. My life in 4 words: work, gym, home, sex.
  13. I’m very easy going and people tend to like me easily.
  14. I paint when I’m depressed and I love to write.
  15. I don’t watch TV, drink milk, eat chocolate or go to clubs.
  16. I hate to dress up and bad smells turn me off.
  17. I sleep naked and I’m pretty much the same way at home.
  18. My favourite meal is breakfast.
  19. My fridge only has water, butter, jam and eggs.
  20. My favourite fruit is mango and my favourite juice pineapple.
  21. I’m diagnosed with Agoraphobia (I feel uncomfortable surrounded by too many people)
  22. Nobody believes my real age.
  23. I live a very simple minimalist lifestyle.
  24. I love photography and books.
  25. I secretly wish someone will marry me one day.
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2 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey guy, just read your interview on the Ministry of pleasure and saw your sexy photo. Very nice ass! I know you’re primarily a top but I’m glad to know that you at least occasionally give someone that fine ass. Be well!

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