Rituals Because SERIOUSLY

pigeon_1990521iCall me crazy, insane, superstitious, ignorant, loco, puta and whatever else you want, but last night I had some type of “vision” or “revelation”. I also believe in my instinct big time, so things kind of make sense because, I feel something’s wrong.

Some time ago I posted about “brujeria” (witchcraft) and I did it because as much as I try to not think about it or believe on it strange things are going on around me. Some months ago I had a fight with a Mexican bitch that happens to be very close to my parents despite the fact that my siblings and I don’t like her. We don’t like her because that woman is a mess. But I particularly don’t like her because I don’t like her energy and if there’s one thing I am very good at it, it’s to “detect” easily and instantly if someone is of good nature or not.

Long story short, last night lying in bed with the lights off and looking through my huge windows at the big tree outside my flat, I saw how the leaves and branches took the shape of “human bodies” and then the face of that woman came to my mind RANDOMLY!! No bitches, I DO NOT do drugs or ever have done one single drug in my life.

See, my head is always thinking of bubble butts and sex, so the last thing or person I am thinking of is that woman! Besides, I’m gay! I have a valid point there, right? Also, yesterday while doing some cleaning a pigeon crashed in my window (WTF?!) … you know, I don’t live in a moving truck, this is a condo building. I live in the 3rd floor so it’s not even that high for that poor animal to fly straight to my window.

Doing a research online to see if I was ready to check in in the near asylum, I found all kind of things that confused me even more (thank you internet) So I decided to share my insanity and talk about it to my cousins on the other side of the continent (my cousins are not dumb like me, all of them are architects and engineers) even if they judge me.

I explained what’s going on to me since few months ago, my bad luck and the strange fact that my mom doesn’t call me anymore or that she is never home when I go visit her (I’m very close to my family so this is weird). Few of my cousins replied me, but one of them apparently talked to someone more “aware” of those things and all my signs scream “Somebody has done bad shit to you!”

I tried to not give it too much importance, but then my cousin mentioned something that it shocked me…

She said that if I was “cursed” it would also affected my pets and my partner. Well, it’s been few months now that my older dog’s health has become very fragile and my dog has never been so sick until recently. In fact, today I’m going to the vet because she is not doing well. And about my “partner” it’s been also some months that I fight with Joseph A LOOOOT and for no big reasons some times. Our fights has become not only more often but also a lot MORE INTENSE.

Now, what to think? How to not believe? All these weird bad stuff at once affecting me and those close to me.

Regardless, reality or stupidity, I’m going to do a “cleaning” ritual to myself by myself just in case. Personally, I don’ have enemies in my life, but my parents have too much envious people around them and I won’t be surprise if any of them did something nasty to us, or me in this case.

You can laugh and think whatever you want, but if you put yourself in my position I’m sure you’ll also do whatever it takes to change the negativity surrounding you. Exactly!

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  1. rudyhou says:

    stay careful. and keep a constant communication with your family.

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