Vicky Cristina Barcelona

mCfiM77mCsSezc4M2asHCx6RiXUJust before the end, Joseph and I watched Woody Allen’s 2008 “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. I’ve seen it before, I did it with my last boyfriend in fact (if I recall well) At the time it didn’t mean much other than a good movie.

This time around it was different, it was like a new discovery because I felt related with 2 of the characters. Javier Bardem’s and Scarlett Johanson’s. Both romantic, passionate, open minded and living life without caring of the “wrong or right” clichés.

In fact when Javier’s character made his 1st appearance by approaching Vicky and Cristina, Joseph said: “Omg typical Spanish, so you!”

At one point making a reference of Javier Bardem’s role (Juan Antonio) the movie’s narrator said: “Juan Antonio, like certain creative men, needed always to live with a woman”  That quote cut me like a sharp knife. So true!

As a creative person myself I always have the need of a muse. I can’t be alone for too long. Sadly and speaking only about creativity, I’m always on my most creative state at the beginning and at the end of a relationship.

I think there’s nothing more sad than not living your life or not being able to show your feelings, and this movie shows perfectly that.

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  1. rudyhou says:

    gosh. i haven’t seen the movie but you making it sound as if being with a spanish guy requires an emotional roller coster ride. are you that guy?

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