Because after over 600 almost Xrated posts, I guess it’s time to mention that sometimes my blog is NSFW and all the information provided on and taken from this blog is at their own risk.

You are reading my shit of your own free will because you’re probably kinky too.  Hear me ROOOAR!


Also, if you belong to any of the following categories please skip to the next blog:

  1. Kids not legal yet (18+ only)
  2. Prudes
  3. Trolls
  4. Sore losers
  5. Uncool ex fuckbuddies (not common but just in case)
  6. People with NO sense of humour
  7. People with ugly feelings
  8. The fat bastard who didn’t hold the elevator’s door at my building while seeing me coming in.
  9. People with fake profiles,
  10. The skinny bitch at work
  11. And whoever else who’s basic and not eclectic enough to understand that our world is vast and there’s more in life than what’s on American TV. If you have a small mind, you won’t get my awesome universe.

FINE! Maybe not so awesome but my blog doesn’t suck as much because it has cool .gifs and also my naked butt in the name of entertainment.

And while I generally worry that I might be doing a terrible thing by openly exposing my life or doing a job on stuff I am more likely to suck than rule, I do it with honesty hoping that someone relates to me.

And all that, secretively wishing any of my fantastic readers would ask my hand in marriage because I can cook and clean and iron and because MY GOD I don’t wanna die a virgin!! 

But yeah, my life is already a roller coaster of intensity to handle the virtual bullshit of a stranger.

So, can you please not? And I said please because we Canadians have manners even when dealing with jerks of all magnitude.

Now if you recognise yourself on any of those above get the hell out.

Much love!

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3 thoughts on “DISCLAIMER

  1. rudyhou says:

    i’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. your life so much more interesting than mine 🙂

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