Cum Goodnight

IMG_1017Something told me the best way to get my dick sucked would be to post a self-pitying explanation of why I would not be having any sex any time soon. You never know who can read your stories after all, and since I fought with Joseph for the last time (because that was really the last time) I haven’t feel in the best mood to get it done (1 day to be exact) despite the candidates in waiting.

Well, guess who came to the rescue last night? Joseph, of course!

Trying to move on it’s harder when he doesn’t want to, plus I’m extremely vulnerable to his charm.


I know, JUDGE ME! This is a lost case. Trying to make him understand that the only thing that works perfectly in our dysfunctional relationship is my tongue in his asshole or his mouth on my dick is useless but, enough for him I guess.

I won’t fight anymore, or waste my time talking nicely/being rational to him. He’s staying because he wants to, not because I’m looking for it. I’m just letting myself go and last night I let go all down his throat before saying goodnight.

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2 thoughts on “Cum Goodnight

  1. CP says:

    Looks like he knows what he’s doing huh ? Haha

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