condorito portada #1 001My dad came back from Peru yesterday and brought few gifts. I never ask anything to my parents when they go visit our motherland … Actually I’m lying, I asked once a book, but once only.

This time my dad got me a comic book that I completely forgot about, Condorito.

Condorito (little condor) is a Chilean publication and its humor is very sane and classy. It’s been almost 20 years since the last time I read one.

Back in the late 90’s you could find few in Montreal but it was a Mexican edition and they “translated to Mexican” (meaning they used Mexican slang) and it wasn’t as funny to me, since Condorito is Chilean and I was used to read “Chilean”.

See, all Spanish speaking countries have their own slang and as familiar as I am with mostly all, when a original publications is modified for a different audience it loses charm, specially if you’re used to read the original importation. Same as when a foreign movie is dubbed to English. It’s just awkward. I’d rather read the captions.

On the other hand my Spanish is pretty standard thanks God. I rarely used slang when I was a teen and living in Montreal helped me to keep it that way since here I met people from all Hispanic America and (Sweet Lord!) sometimes I had to ask them “Are you sure that’s Spanish?” Specially my Mexican friends and people from the Caribbean… No comments!!  I had less issues with my South Americans.

Anyway, I was very excited to have a Condorito in my hands again because #WIN!

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