Special 6

I’ve been getting a lot messages from some of my ex-flings lately, more than usual (I guess the cold weather makes people nostalgic) and it’s kind of cute. But not all of them have been meaningful. And since music is the soundtrack of my life, here are some songs that have marked a special moment early last year, a moment with them, those I’d never forget.

Euphoria by Loreen: This song reminds me of  #1 when I first met him and I used to rush to his place every time he called me sporadically. He used to live on the 17th floor on a high-rise building in downtown. Our encounters were pure euphoria and time didn’t exist… During my lunch break or at 3 AM. Time was irrelevant and we were always “up up up up up”

Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars: I see Derek with this song. Adventurous and full of fantasies that’s how he was. Derek became more than just a sexmate to me, he was someone I opened myself to. He was my 2nd long-term sexmate and the 2nd  person that made me feel wanted, desired, attractive and appreciated again. He made me feel just like this song…

Alive by The Black Eyed Peas: Justin. He had all I like in a guy, wit, sense of humour, perfect smile/ass, and our sexual chemistry was 10/10. He was in the city for few days, but we fell irrationally in love. We spent those days together despite the fact that he was also taken. Our situation sucked, but we didn’t care, it was now or never. “I want to stay with you” he texted from the airport. He left me blue, but he also made me feel alive.


Do You by Miguel: This song reminds me of Axl. Our fling was fun, smooth and sexually stellar. We liked each other and he had the potential for me to fall for him, but when things are not meant to be for whatever reason you cannot force them. We did each other like a drug until it was time to let go.

Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone: His name was Joe, we started as NSA but that didn’t last ’cause he developed feelings. He was a gorgeous guy and he always treated me nice. My time with him was more of tenderness rather than wildness, he was a “vanilla” lover and even though I’m more the rough type I enjoyed and appreciated his company sincerely. He made me feel less of a fuck and more of a person which made me sometimes melancholic just like this song he used to play a lot.

Fuck You All The Time by Jeremih: This song reminds me of Joseph. Because of him I got rid of everyone else, and against all odds, he’s still my present. This song brings back memories of last autumn when I lived for a short period at one of my friend’s flat. The things we did … I even lost a pair of sheets in one of our crazy nights. Intense, addictive and dangerous that’s how I can describe our affair.

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