Put A Ring On It

IMG_2820I talked to Joseph about the possibility of Patrick moving in with me. He was surprisingly and relatively calm.

“I know you’ll have sex with him, I know you” he said.

Although that’s not my ideal, and I’m not even thinking about it, it could happen that’s for sure.

“It would be over between us” …  I knew that too, but I had to tell him what was going on.

After our conversation things got a little sexy, he asked me to try my new cock ring on (which actually it wasn’t as horribly painful as others I had in the past. It was soft yet kept my game tight) and we had some glorious sex.

It was like a memorable “farewell” only that he’s not done abusing my dick, specially now that he has put a ring on it.

What an amusing irony! I would miss him if ever we are over. 

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