Reality Check Please

IMG_2903#1 (ex-sexmate) texted me the whole day yesterday, he was all horny and cute but suddenly things got a little unusual. I think he was not having a good day and he lost his cool. So we had a little argument (1st time) because all he has on his head it’s my lower head inside of him.

He was blah blah “I’ll see you one day then” and more blah… JESUS! Chill woman!!

Since I really have patience for NO ONE I was like… “Sure!”. Seriously, do I look like I care? He knows I’m not “so single” plus, I don’t have to explain myself to him or anyone else. He’s not my husband or the mother of my child to give him details on why I’m not able to fuck. It’s been over a year, I don’t get why he keeps insisting, and I certainly don’t get why he’s looking for trouble with me.

I won’t die of sexual frustration or loneliness. This is Montreal = “Bottoms City” and nobody is so exclusive at all. Reality check please! Anyway, we are cool again, but I somehow feel guilty for not helping him the way he wants.

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