Wild Accent


Lately, a love story is going on between Joseph and I. The sex has always been spectacular, but what’s unusual is that we barely fight, which is a miracle.

It’s almost like if he’s understanding how to deal with me at last. However, he doesn’t understand my accent sometimes which make it for fun debates.

Yes, I have a Spanish accent of course. But he is the only person who makes me feel that mocks at me (or the only person I have issues with). He says he laughs because is “cute” but, his laughter doesn’t translate as “cute” to me.

I know he is not acting mean, but since I can’t keep my tongue in my pocket I had to tell him how it feels.

See in Spanish “Y” and “LL” sounds the same and although the pronunciation of “B” and “V” are different, the difference disappears most of the time when spoken (at least to me) so I pronounce them the same… Him, and his gifted ear hears my mistakes and when that happens he corrects me in a way that feels rude which obviously activates my loud combative mode. It’s in my nature.

So I was like: “well I apologise if you don’t like the way I talk. I wasn’t born here blah blah blah… Also I apologise if I sound aggressive I was raised in the jungle by wild animals. And I’m sorry for my accent, I know not everyone understand sarcasm.”

“That’s why you’re so wild in bed. I like that”… he replied.

Obviously that was the end of our conversation. Now, I don’t remember if that happened before or after we fuck… Regardless, is fun and refreshing to be able to talk to him at last. 

Someone I can communicate with is someone I can fall in love with. And the last person I was able to talk and fuck with the same passion was Justin, but I think Joseph is finally getting there.

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