IMG_3050(1)Going to the gym I decided to take the elevator to 4th floor. MISTAKE!!

The door opened and I got in, the door closed and he was standing next to me. He recognized me and smiled at me, I smiled back but I didn’t say a word. For some reason I got nervous and I usually don’t give a fuck about anything. It’s not the 1st time I spot a hookup next to me, but he was more than that, he was a regular and he got me anxious. Some guy that follows me on Istagram is friend with him so I’ve seen some of his latest pics too.

The last time I saw Axl was on early winter 2013 and on his last random text was during that time too. He was acting up been jealous of some of my ex’s for no reason. Him and I had a great chemistry in all the aspects, on top of that he was/is very hot (DAT ASS). But, he got scared when he felt too much. When he realized that he was getting attached he decided to call a day. Well, I liked him a lot but I was not in love, so it didn’t kill me. Eventually he came back and we had an On/Off affair until I got fed up. By the time he was making up his mind I had already 4 other guys.

4th floor at last! The doors opened he looked at me and I looked at him… “Joyeux Noel” was all I said. Ironically, it was me this time the one who turned his back and walked away.
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