The Colour That Reminds Me Of You

IIMG_3265 put on some colourful Christmas lights on my balcony, yet they all look blue… The last time I decorated for Xmas was 3 years ago. Back then I wanted to surprise my last boyfriend, he was coming from one of his monthly trips from Toronto to stay with me for 2 weeks before going back for a week or so and be back again… Little did I know a year later he’ll be gone for good and me packing up my stuff and running away from our life together in that place where I dedicated myself to him.

Christmas can be such a downer for those without family, in my case is just nostalgia, a memory of those I used to spend my every day with. They became the “merry” illusion and colorful lights that in my mind remain blue… the colour that reminds me of you.

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