As you know I’m Latino and I love music. Either from Asia, Europe or America, either pop, alternative, hip hop or electronic, salsa is in my blood and whenever I’ve been heartbroken or down, salsa is what put me back on my feet. That I realized with my last breakup, so I decided to blog about it because beauty tips are not only water, sex and good sleep, but a positive mood. And music is that crucial tip.

As all music genre there is great, good, and also flops. Unlike the trash reggaeton (which is fun when horny or drunk) and the once-ghetto bachata, salsa is elegant and classy. Even though the lyrics are mostly of cheats (mea culpa) and love, it remains  very classy.

My favourite type of salsa is the slow sensual type with killer lyrics, the old-school from the 80s-90s when the genre was full of legendary singers “pre-Marc Anthony” era. And I said pre-Marc Anthony because in today’s monopolised music world we don’t get versatility as before…

Marc Anthony is like the male Beyonce in that way. Although he is a great singer, the power he has in the industry doesn’t allow other talents to shine.

Anyway, here’s some of my favourite classics and a little translation to give you a hint:

Tu Me Haces Falta (I miss you) by Eddie Santiago 

*This is probably the song that touches me the most, all the time.

I never promised you faithfulness
but when I said I love you I meant it
I never made promises by fear to fail you 
and now I’m back to confess that I miss you.

Dime Tu (Tell me) by Jerry Rivera 

Tell me if you have forgotten
Tell me if time erased me of your mind
Tell me if you don’t call my name
Tell me if someone else has taken my place
But if that’s not the case, remember that I think of you as well. 

La Cita (The date) by Galy Galiano 

Turn off the lights and get naked
And make love to me like you do with the others
This is the last time you fool me
Now make love to me and then leave.

Lo Dudo (I Doubt it) by the ultimate LEGEND, the late Frankie Ruiz 

Go ahead he’s waiting for you
After all we are only friends
Go ahead don’t be afraid
And feel with him what once you felt with me
But I doubt you will…

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