He & I Take 1,678

IMG_8070Well… here we go again.

Last night, I talked to Joseph about us… take 1,678 or something big like that. I admit (since forever) we have a chemistry issue…. sex is supreme, but that’s it. And in those moments of clarity I know what’s our best solution, however, that’s a decision I don’t want to take alone… and he refuses to accept.

Call it a day, shaking hands and be friends is something he doesn’t want to do… long story short, I told him that I don’t want to be blamed any more for whatever “wrongs” I do because I’m giving him (us) the opportunity to move on and stay friends… He’s staying because he wants to, so he has no rights to complain whatsoever.

That said, we spent the rest of the night in peace and quite nice. After sex I got hungry and since nothing was open except A&W, we went for a walk to get some fresh air and a fat hamburger. This morning we had a little argument (again,) but nothing too intense. And before going to work he wanted me to work him out, so I did.


Once in the shower he gave a compliment to my sexual pig ways, and I felt kind of uncomfortable because horny people makes me shy … the truth is that I’m not good at taking compliment. I’d rather read them than hear them ’cause I’m weird like that. Anyway, let’s hope things work a little better. Otherwise, I’d just take that decision alone and once for all.

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2 thoughts on “He & I Take 1,678

  1. Erick P says:

    Turns out he was the one who took the decision 😂

    • olemtl says:

      Not sure what’s so funny, but yes he did. I’m not usually the one giving up. Regardless of this spontaneous post, I was fully compromised to him in the good and the not so good… It hurts still not having him with me.

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