No Wonder…

IMG_1593One of my ex-bf text me this morning, we share custody of one of my dogs and he was supposed to pick him up. However, he got the flu and he’s sick at home. I asked him if he needed anything, and at some point I asked if he text his little bitch boyfriend ’cause he seemed really sick. As far as I concern, a boyfriend should do more than make you cum.

To my  surprise (not really,) they broke up already. No wonder he’s been acting sweeter than usual and teasing me with pictures. I mean, my ex’s are usually very sweet, but when they’re in a relationship they tend to act less affectionate, which is normal.

Now, from the moment I saw his “new” boyfriend I knew it won’t last too long. See, my ex (and the rest of them) is a very down-to-earth type of guy, hard working, zero pretension, zero superficial and with a big heart. And the now-ex-boyfriend looked the total opposite… the typical stereotype, and as charismatic as a mosquito bite. Something like this clown. I know… 

Seriously, Bunny’s 1st boyfriend post-me was actually kind of hot, but the latest is a NO NO. It’s an embarrassment for that guy (the kind of hot) and for myself to be associated with someone with no standards. #BlameHisAge

That said, I hope he gets well soon. And I hope the flu goes away too. 

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