Speaking Of Rebounds…

IMG_2253Last night, lying in bed, I got a text from Joseph inviting to club… obviously he thinks I have no feelings and I’m already cool to see him as a friend only.

I apologized and refused.

Then he was like “lol I thought you said you move on very fast?” and more unnecessary blah. By the end of the combo he blamed me for starting shit and making issues (the nerve!) so I just apologized again and took the blame because arguing with him is a waste of life.

As always happens when we fight, like a shark smelling blood, I got a text from someone else, which I found very ironic considering Joseph’s comment on me moving on fast.

Well, I got a text from the guy I shoo away some time ago (819) asking me what’s up? So, I updated him with my life and I think he got a bit too excited …

See, I fell asleep early last night, and I woke up around 4 AM today to find out another text from Joseph, and one from 819 asking me if I have parking inside my building ’cause he wants to come see me before I find someone else or some misconception in his head…  Jesus! Do I look desperate? I mean, why everyone insist to mirror their lack of sex on me? You know, having sex is like brushing my teeth, and even when I’m horny I have my standards. So NO! I am not desperate. Not for sex, nor a relationship. 

Also, he’s not my type of rebound, ’cause he’s more of a good kid and my rebounds are usually hungry cock-sluts that doesn’t get their feelings hurt ’cause all they want is their holes busted, which works for me ’cause I’m good at hurting people, I guess… Anyway, this post is getting me horny.

Long story short, I’m not looking, but they’re coming, so don’t blame me.

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