The Name & His Name

tumblr_meweokNApY1rmkurao1_400I had different blogs over the years, all related to my personal life and that moment in time.

The names I chose were also related to my personality, feelings or my relationships. On my previous breakup (almost 3 years ago,) I closed my blog 2Pgs (a name associated to my then-partner and I, our breakfasts at midnight and our gourmand life) to open my next blog, Lust Expectations (because that was my only expectation after him).

That blog was a new experience to me, it was a public sexual diary, but I was broken in need of company, and I lost myself in lust.


However, the light of those dark days were 5 amazing guys that became my lovers and my cure. Then I met Joseph, and I gave up on them to commit to him. And almost a year after that, this blog and my first post was born… Lust Without You, because I knew only THAT would have been my reality without him.

Now that he’s not longer here, I considered to closed this blog as well, but to be honest I don’t have the enthusiasm to start from scratch all over again. Plus I have too many stories and beautiful moments I don’t want to forget. Not anymore.

This blog was influenced by him, and he will never be JUST another post. But I will keep writing on, until his name… no longer hurts.

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4 thoughts on “The Name & His Name

  1. Erick P says:

    Wait who’s “you” in “lustwithoutyou” ??

    • olemtl says:

      Well, that’s my now ex love, Joseph. That’s how I felt before he arrived in my life, or feel nowadays. Anyway, hope it’s clear.

  2. rudyhou says:

    oh now i get it. thanks for sharing.

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