Fuckboys Make The Best Husbands? AGREE!

I was reading an article on a local website about the title of this post, and I couldn’t agree more. Especially because I kind of belong to that category too.

Below, some points on why a fuckboy makes a great husband:

1. They’re over it

A fuckboy can’t be a fuckboy forever. There comes a point in their life where they stop and think, “I’ve had enough of this shit.” Enough of loud parties, meaningless hookups and endless bottles… It’s time for something serious and real now. That’s when you want to sneak into their life. CHECK!

2. They’ll appreciate you

After all the trashy and ridiculous males/females they’ve seen, they will appreciate a normal guy/girl for a change. Your realness, kindness and actual values will seriously appeal to them. CHECK!

3. They know how to have fun

Fuckboys definitely know how to have a good time. You won’t ever be bored with them. They know all the best spots and they obviously know all the right people to get you into the coolest places. Moral of the story, you’ll have fun. CHECK!

4. They want to settle down

After being a crazy party animal and hooking up with pretty much anything that moves, fuckboys actually want to settle down. Human beings long for companionship, it’s our primal instinct. They’ve seen it all and they’ve realized that it’s not what really matters in life. CHECK!

5. They’re confident

Fuckboys are the most assertive representatives of the male species. They will sweep you off your feet with how self-assured they are. Sometimes their confidence can come off as cockiness, but they’re just real. CHECK!

6. They’re great lovers

They obviously know what they’re doing in the bedroom. Why? Because they have a LOT of experience in this department. One of the reasons why boys/girls are so attracted to fuckboys is because they’re actually the best lovers. CHECK!

7. They don’t take themselves too seriously

Fuckboys know exactly who they were before and who they are now. They realize how ridiculous their lifestyles used to be in the past and they can totally laugh about it today. CHECK!

And all the reasons above, explains why I’m such a committed partner when I have one. 

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  1. rudyhou says:

    damn. i need one. now.

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