I’ve running errands the whole day and it’s not over yet, but I’m taking a little break…

Q it’s arriving in 14 hours and I’ve been cleaning every single corner of my place. Dogs got groomed this morning while I was at the gym. Laundry is still on, while I’m cleaning my balcony windows and cooking ’cause I haven’t eat since this morning due to the thousand things I needed to fix…  Also I finally got a Halloween costume (pic this weekend somehow) and what’s left to do it’s groceries…. My fridge has only water and some fruit and we won’t survive… but that, I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I’m excited and also nervous to see him again. I mean, spending a sexual night, it is not the same as living together for almost a week… But getting to know each other in a deeper intimate way it’s part of the whole process… which reminds me… I need to get condoms too…  because leave to me to find oversexed partners…  I’ll be right back.

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