IMG_7702My forgotten “date” turned out to be one of the best nights of my life in a loooong time. David took me by surprise.

He knocked at my door, I opened, and what I saw was a Brent Corrigan look-alike in his twink years. Very cute looking, almost my height, killer smile and overall awesome everything else. He looked like a normal white guy, but I wasn’t sure of his background ’cause he had an accent. When I asked and to my surprise he was also South American, Colombian in fact… HA! My first Latino I couldn’t believe it!

He was totally cute and we got comfortable really fast. We talked a short while before I made the first move to taste his lips, and oh God! He love to kiss as much as I.

We spoke in English the whole night ’cause our Spanish is reserved mostly to our families, plus the idea of “sex in Spanish” didn’t sound appealing to none of us. 

Some drinks later and blah blah, we went to the room where our fantasies come true. The level of passion was A+, our kisses were synchronised, he didn’t mind me doing anything I wanted… And just by thinking of him I’m getting hard…

He looked at me and kissed me with feelings, and it’s been awhile that I had not kissed someone or had not eaten ass with the intensity of last night. He was what I was missing, my sexual long lost twinsie.

At some point we took a break to open the windows ’cause it was not longer an autumn night, it was summer again, IMG_7701and we were burning. By the end of our session, he praised and complimented my skills, and also the shape of my dick…  which I didn’t expected but it was nice to hear… especially from someone who had seen and had so many cocks inside.

Long story short, we had an amazing night. He kept telling me how happy he was, and I told him that he can come see me any time… in other words next weekend, ’cause he lives at the other side of the island, and university keeps him busy.

Truly, I had a lot of sex in my life, and it’s very easy to get laid, but to find QUALITY and chemistry  … That’s the hard part. It’s pure LUXURY! I would give up all the rest of guys for David if he ask me that. But we just met, until next time…

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