Him & Him & Me

tumblr_nmsyksRB2h1rsnudbo1_500Today I unexpectedly met one of my ex’s (Bunny) new boyfriend… I didn’t hate the fact to meet him as much I hated the fact that my ex’s surprised me with his new piece presence… You know, I could have wear something nicer, after all first impressions last forever.

However, I didn’t need to impress anyone … As I wasn’t impressed by his new guy… which also happens to be South American … Just like my babe David and myself… The 3 of us from different countries, the 3 of us also from different backgrounds and mix.

Dude is taller than me, bigger, and older looking also even if he is younger… We shook hands while keeping our sunglasses on, as if we were 2 South American drug lords. He seemed uncomfortable, perhaps more than I… After all I was Bunny’s longest relationship and I’m still part of his life, while he’s just the new guy… Anyway, I love Bunny but he lacks tact.

Regardless, I’m happy he finally found a guy, and I wish his new piece good luck… though he’s got it easy now ’cause Bunny is not longer the crazy kid I met back in time. Still, dude has big shoes to fill… Mine! 

Make it work you guys!!

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