Saturday On Paper


Last Saturday, watching the Studio Ghibli’s EPIC animation Spirited Away, David was like…

Him: What’s the name of the movie?
Me: Spirited Away
Him That’s the English name?
Me: Blah … What’s the Spanish name?
Him: Chihiro’s Trip
Me: Are you sure that’s the name in SPANISH?
Him: Yeah
Me: Chihiro’s… TRIP??
Him: OMG you’re soooo stupid *laughs*
Me: And you have dyslexia in your ears ‘cuz I clearly said Spanish.
Him: *keeps laughing* I’m dating a teenager *hugs me*
Me: Stay mad!!

Dying of boredom at work, I thought about the little episode and I put it on paper…


Gladly he finds amusing my nonsense…


And we can’t wait until Friday to have some quality time again.

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