Still Incomplete

IMG_9387So… I spent my Tuesday off with David. We had brunch, sex for lunch, at evening we went around the city, we had dinner, and we end our night at the cinema.

We had a great time as usual. Not a single issue, not a bad moment, not a single reason for me to dislike going out with him or not letting him kiss me in public.

His joy and enthusiasm is what keeps me interested because, in all honesty I like him, but I don’t love him… 

Perhaps eventually I will, but from my perspective that’s going to be very hard. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t see him often, and by not seeing him often I am incapable to build stronger feelings or to get attached.

Am I happy with him? Partially. He’s a great company and a great lover, but he’s not the first person I think of whenever I wake up, or the last person in my mind when I go sleep at night.

We have great times, indeed, but I’m still incomplete. 

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