Joyeux Noël

20151225_082837_HDR_resizedI don’t know how to start…  Well, first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS awesome people! Hug your family, hug your pets, hug your hot neighbour, hug your lover, your side piece, and especially your coffee machine because without morning coffee life (my life) won’t be as functional (as if). 

So because I was a total darling this year, Santa gave me a new LG smartphone… which I still don’t know how to use, and I find beyond complicated because the stupid iPhone turned me into a lazy useless idiot. The worst part is that my contacts didn’t transfer automatically… UGH! (I’ll try it for few days… Otherwise I’ll go back to iPhone).

And because I didn’t have 90% of my contacts on (still not) as soon as I started to get messages, I was like ” Who’s this?” feeling completely impolite … especially when people I barely have communication with started to text me … A.K.A some ex fuckfriends and old flames. 

That said, JB, a guy who was after me early last year texted me to wish me Merry Xmas and to reconnect I guess… He texted me last night and also this morning, but I’m not sure what he wants yet (other than my ass of course)… 

Screenshot_2015-12-25-00-17-42 Screenshot_2015-12-25-00-18-11 (btw that’s how my new screenshots looks like #dislike)



Besides him, I also got messages from Justin (Vancouver), my official ex bf’s, David… and all his possible replacements… I know we made out few days ago, but I have to admit that he killed my passion for him, and I’m not interested anymore. So there’s not point I keep investing my time and money on him.

As a matter of fact, I was supposed to see him today, but I already have 3 new serious immediate candidates…. Joshua, Justin2, and Chris, in that order because, Merry Xmas TO ME!!

Anyway, I’m spending the day at home with my dogs, doing house chores and staying out of trouble. Only today.


I hope you guys have a cool day, and again, Joyeux Noël to all of you!

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