A Little Romance, A Little Love

IMG_9988The little “romance” was provided was Chris. He texted the whole day, from Saturday at noon, to 2 AM on Sunday. If I had my doubts about his interest, I guess he proved me wrong.

I never know if a guy wants to fuck me or wants to marry me with the amount of questions they ask. Also, I sometimes wonder why if I am “too good, to this, or too that” some guys barely make a move… but I guess Chris enlightened me by made me realize that I can be intimating to some, or simply out of reach in their heads…  Anyhow, it’s a shame they see me that way, ’cause I don’t have patience to deal with misconceptions. Gladly, that’s not fully his case, though, he’s been cautious, he’s also been very consistent with me… he can be charming and very interesting when he elaborates on substantial topics, rather than letting me know how hard his dick gets when he thinks of me.


So, we text until I got to the emergency …

Nothing too terrible, just another kidney stone trying to ruin me. The positive thing about this whole thing is that I got a full check up and all seems fine (minus the stone). The doctor was very cool and informal and he let me go very fast… Anyway, once out of the hospital and on my way back home (with no battery on my phone) I realized I didn’t have my keys to get inside my flat…. and that’s another long story I won’t even bother… 

And finally once at home, charging my phone, I found 2 messages from Chris and 5 from David (plus an email).

FullSizeRender (11)

Obviously, I text David back as soon as I could… He was worried and called me immediately to show me his love  “Are you okay” “I want you to be well” “I miss you”… He was very sweet and the tone of his voice made feel that he cared for me… which he does in fact, even though I tend to doubt it.

Anyway, I’m seeing David later today ’cause life goes on, and no stupid stone is going to sabotage our sexy time or any of my plans.

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  1. rudolfhsw says:

    since you exercise much, you need tons of water. lack of water is probably what got you the kidney stone problem in the first place. take good care of yourself. hugs.

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