Good Luck

tumblr_ntqjkct6qU1uyzoh8o1_500It’s official! There’s no way I socialize without ending up having sex… if you asked me why I’m a reclusive caveman, that would be my best answer. My conclusion is that people like my personality more than anything else (’cause as Patrick A quoted rightly, I’m very good at self-deprecation) because there’s no other explanation for my “good luck” with every single guy that I met.

So yeah…  I met Patrick A, he was as nerdy (I love nerds) and fascinating as I thought (he study neuroscience). He was also very nice and friendly and even though not fully physically what I expected (he was taller than me, and I’m into tall guys #DaddyIssues) his great fitness only enhanced his charm… and at some point we got sexy… and sexier when he introduced his beautiful smooth bubble bum to my face.

He was a great kisser, and a good lover. We had a good time, and I may see him again tomorrow…


But first, I need to meet Connor, which is happening tonight.

On the other hand, I texted David to let him know that I was busy today (not elaborating my excuse). He replied and we set a date for Thursday.


I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Connor tonight, but if we get along, it’s going to be extremely hard to say bye to the other 2 (I’m greedy). Unless I keep the 3 of them…. because nothing says “I need a one-on-one relationship” like having 3 boyfriends. #MESS

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