Okay But NO!

I met Connor last night… not as brilliant or charismatic as PatrickA, but he was cute and also had the perfect height for my taste (smaller than me). I got him very comfortable in less than 20 minutes, and just like that he was asking me to undress him… and I obviously did.


His body was average, not as athletic as PatrickA, but he had a fine ass and a great slutty attitude… you know, the type that moans a lot and truly loves and values every kinky move you do to them… In other words, the RIGHT attitude!

However, he was a terrible kisser, so spent more time French kissing his asshole and tasting every corner of his body, and… Oh boy! He was in outer space. I think his many “Oh my God I LOVE YOU’s” were irrefutable proof of that.

Everything was going great sexually, when all of the sudden I saw him sniffing poppers (a “gay drug”)… As you know (if you read my blog often) drugs turn me off.

I refuse to fuck with someone who depends on a bottle of harmful chemicals to have sex. It happened with Q last October and I was not about to deal with that again. I don’t like it, period.

As you can imagine the intercourse was interrupted. We chilled for few minutes before some major foreplay, but penetration never happened again ’cause I was not in the mood any more.

Apparently, poppers are like Kryptonite to my dick… that awful smell kills the glorious aroma of sex… and since I have a dog’s nose, it ruined completely my animal instinct.


Anyway, not big deal. He was okay but NO!

I had enough ass for the week (it’s Sunday you bitch. How convenient!) and although PatrickA is coming back today. I’ll try to keep things “civilised” by keeping my pants on because, I ran out of CONDOMS and LUBE!

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