Busy “Weekend”

It’s been 5 days since I saw David, but it feels like 5 months. I kind of miss him actually, but I don’t text him any more, I don’t look for him as before. Instead, he’s now the one looking for vital signs on me. He knows he killed my interest, yet, he hasn’t killed what I feel when we are together. There’s a constant war going on between my capacity to block people in my brain and my incapacity to block them in my heart.


Anyway, today’s like a Friday for me. Tomorrow’s my day off… which means I’m going to be super busy ’cause I’ll see David… and PatrickA (somehow), while on Friday some guy from Facebook asked me out and I said yes for the sake of going out (’cause I don’t do it often)… while I may also see Connor again because he wants to see me and my penis doesn’t know how to say no. #SingleManIssues


Anyhow, I’m off to work now…. before my “weekend” begins.

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