Next Please

I got upset at PatrickA last night, so I slept with Connor… because meaningless rebounds are my thing when I tried to protect my heart. You know, when I have empty sex with people I don’t care is because I’m thinking too much about someone else.

But I don’t expect you to understand how my brain works, gladly PatrickA study the brain, so he instantly understood that he fucked up with me last night, and even if he tried to fix it afterwards the damage was done.

He made me  feel like he doesn’t want anything serious, or that he’s scare of something he doesn’t even know. Either way, it made me re-evaluate they way I see him ’cause he was more than a nice ass to fuck.

He wanted to see me today, but I said no because he seriously turned me off. And speaking of turn off, David also wanted to see me today, but I said no as well… because I already got used to not seeing him, and also because my balls are empty after Connor abused my dick last night.


Long story short, the casting is open again… I need new guys to replace these 3. Next Please! 

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