IMG_0822Because I do believe in second chances I gave PatrickA another opportunity. He texted Saturday night asking me if I was upset and blah blah… He apologized and we made out because he’s probably one of, if not the best kisser I’ve ever had… which is enough reason for forgiveness.

Seriously, yummy bums I had a lot, pretty faces too, but nothing turns me on as much as a good kisser because the most sensitive part of my body are my lips, and I love to kiss.

That said, he arrived to my place, took a shower and before start talking about nerd stuff and hyperhidrosis, we got all sweaty and wet with all the pounding and fluids exchange as anticipating that subject… To be honest, I wasn’t even in the mood to fuck, but nerds with hot bodies stimulate my erection, apparently.

Meanwhile, I got an “upset” text from David, he seemed mad at me because I don’t give him any attention anymore… but what he expected? I gave him a second chance already and he failed me again. #BitchPlease

And speaking of attention, I’m in talks with few guys already (pics above) because while some take for granted my seriousness, some others are waiting for a chance. So far, Alex and Jérémie (top left and top right) are the most interesting, while the other two are just cum gushers. However, all are hot in their own way.


PatrickA told me to keep my options open, and that’s what I’m doing. Same shit as when David told me to have an open relationship…  In other words, PatrickA is looking to become history too. So far, so good.