FullSizeRender (2) - CopyI just realized Valentines is coming in about 2 weeks or so, and also the Chinese New Year, which means I’ll probably see Hubby more often next month.

See, we always do something on those particular dates despite the fact that we broke up about 7 or 8 years ago… I don’t remember any more, but we are proof that love evolves. In our case into something superior and indestructible that is almost sacred. 

That obviously if our schedules match, or if any of the other guys don’t ask me out… I mean, things are going fine with PatrickA, he’s a great fun and company beyond sex. In fact he’s pretty complete, but I’m not fully convinced that he wants or needs a serious relationship.

He likes me that’s for sure, but sexual attraction is not enough for me to take someone seriously and that’s why… I have a DATE tonight!! I might as well keep “shopping” until one of them meets my whims. I’m terrible.


I really like PatrickA he’s really fun, but I have to keep it informal until he (or any of the rest) gets formal.

That said, I’m about to take my ass to the gym ’cause I may score another Valentine tonight, and I have to deliver my A game. I’ll be right back.

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