IMG_0998So… my date last night was another “success”. Aaron is his name.

Unlike Connor, it didn’t took me less than 20 minutes to have him undressed, but 25. Aaron was too cute for me to scare him with my directness, so I took my time.

Unlike PatrickA he wasn’t athletic, and unlike David he wasn’t as kinky. But his skinny body, good attitude and cuteness was the perfect combination to drive me insane…

I did stuff I was not supposed to do, but he was so aroused that I couldn’t deny him or deny me that mixed feeling of dangerous pleasure. His face, his moaning, his kisses, his whole body language reflected satisfaction. And my job was done.

I seriously don’t know what’s going on with me lately but I’m not as fearful as I used to be when it comes to risks.

Anyway, we went to bed around 2 AM, knowing that I had 4 hours left to sleep…This morning I woke him up kissing him and playing with his bum as I used to do with my last partner… Aaron’s physique reminded me of his. That’s probably why I let myself go.

Long story short, my penis needs a Tylenol and my soul needs Jesus ’cause at these rates (PatrickA is coming tonight) I won’t last too long on Earth.

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