Once & Again

IMG_1096I went dinner with PatrickA at his favourite restaurant, Kazu.

Kazu is one of the most popular izakaya-style restaurants in Montreal. The food is great, the prices reasonable for the quality and presentation, but the place is really small and packed. In fact, there’s always lineups to get in, but I guess that’s part of the charm… if don’t freeze to death waiting outside, of course.

PatrickA is very gourmand, and so am I, so we tried several things. Since food and sex are my priorities in life, PatrickA scores high in compatibility. Observing him enjoying his food made me think of some of my ex’s, as I realized that some of my gourmand ex partners were as intellectually brilliant as him… I guess people with elevated IQ truly know what’s important.

Dinner over and once at home, we walked the dogs, took a shower, had a drink and watch a movie before opening my new box of condoms to keep the compatibility going…

Late at night, I got a text from Aaron asking me if I was free… Obviously I was not, so we made plans for tonight because as much as I enjoy PatrickA’s qualities and fitness, Aaron’s more physically my type. However, I draw the line here. 

Now with Aaron in the picture, I have more than enough with 3 younger lovers. And although that was never my intention, I’m not bad at adjusting myself to this society of no commitments. I did it once and I’m doing it again. That said, I can’t wait to see him tonight.

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