Apparently, I’m Dating

tumblr_mxyqj4E2Y61qiir3oo1_500I had a terrible muscle spasm on my neck for several days, so intense that put me “out of service”. Gladly, the pain has decreased, and it’s a lot more manageable now.

That said, yesterday I resumed my routine, and so, PatrikA arrived to my place around 10ish PM to catch up with our other routine… The last time I saw him was last Saturday, so we were excited to see each other. 

He’s a sweet guy, a great company and a good fuck. But we are just that, sexmates… Well, unless we are dating and I don’t even know it?

That’s exactly what Aaron (in a very bad timing) text me last night…


See, I don’t have any “we” conversation with these guys. After David, I decided to give up any concept of “we” unless I exceptionally feel otherwise. I mean, PatrickA is brilliant, but I’m not in love. Aaron is the perfect boy toy, but that’s about it so far. And Connor is just a booty call for whenever the other 2 are busy.

I don’t know how they feel about me besides sex. They are not very vocal when it comes to express feelings, so it obviously doesn’t help me either to see them differently.

I’m not sure Aaron is conscious of the word “dating”, but I’m not arguing about it. I’m cool with whatever he wants to believe, as long as he keeps providing what I expect from him. Or any of them…

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