FullSizeRender (21)I was supposed to go to the cinema with a friend yesterday but he cancelled last minute.

Since I really wanted to go (’cause the plan was to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens) I found him a replacement. So, I went with Justin2.

The film (as probably all of you know) was amazing… despite having to deal with Justin’s hand on my dick half of the movie.

You know, I just wanted to go with someone… though, I don’t really mind being molested by a friendly hand I probably sent him a wrong message, after all I see him mostly as a friend.

To be honest, he wasn’t my first choice, but Aaron watched already, same as PatrickA…

And speaking of him, PatrickA once told me I was resourceful, and I guess I am, in more ways than he thinks of me.


That said, he’s in midterms and I haven’t heard, or seen him in awhile now (after 3 days it’s awhile for me).

Knowing myself, I really hope he gives me some news soon, ’cause I don’t want to use my resourcefulness on him as well.

It would be sad to lose him too.

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