Daddy’s Duty

tumblr_nmslzgY9KJ1usa6igo1_500I got a text from Derek in the afternoon, and I passed by his place in the evening to check on him. Call me sensitive, but most of the guys I’ve been with meant something to me. I can’t just ignore or forget someone I spent part of my life with, because even if fucking each other is history, what remained is the substance of something stronger than our momentary erections. 

Although they are all different, they share something in common… they’re all a lot younger than me. In fact most of them call me daddy and not only by kinky reason, I could actually be their dad.

Derek is turning 22 in few days, PatrickA is 20, Aaron is 21, Justin2 is 19 and so on… And no, I’m not embarrassed or ashamed by that, they’re all legal after all. See, besides being a very sexually active generation, what I find interesting about younger guys is that they seem more willing to have something regular or serious than older guys (25-35). 

Whenever I met a guy, I always have this age conversation ’cause although I don’t look my age, the reality is that I am almost 40 (which they tend to forget) and we don’t share much stuff in common (generally speaking) besides sex. That’s why our sexual bond is very strong ’cause our focus and energies primarily go there… Gladly, there’s always someone exceptional, someone I can have deeper conversations or relate myself with, someone realistic and mature beyond their age…

When I was their age, I was that “mature beyond their age” and my very first partner was 30 years older than me. 

I never felt related to guys my age, I found them retarded and immature. So, I used to socialised with older guys and learn whatever they could teach me. Today it’s me the older dude and so I checked on Derek…

As I expected, he was fine… he just needed attention. Knowing I’m a provider, I was his obvious choice.

Curiously, he seemed in better shape than few days ago, and since I haven’t had any sex since the Chinese New Year, I didn’t play hard to get (as if)…  We didn’t have intercourse because I didn’t have a condom on me, but it was my duty to provide what he was craving for… so I obliged by emptying my balls into his gaping mouth.


My job done and his “sadness” gone, I stayed with him a little longer before taking my ass to the gym where I consciously kept burning some fat and worked on my strength, completely motivated by the early unload but mostly by the next one…


Because even if PatrickA doesn’t call me daddy like the rest, it’s also my duty to fill him up tomorrow night. 

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