So It Begins


Valentines Day is in 2 days but, I’m already “celebrating” with those I’m not in love, but those I share my bed with because I’m considerate and appreciative.

So, I got some dessert, some wine… and some lube at the pharmacy. Yeah totally last minute my thing, but I ran out of lube some weeks ago and PatrickA can’t handle it anymore… You know, sometimes spit and good intentions are not enough.

Unlike Aaron who’s a real slut and lubrication and dilation are not an issue, PatrickA’s anal muscles are not as flexible (you didn’t hear it from me) so he’s been suffering incapable to take it for too long, and I had to pull off in order to avoid hurting his precious athletic ass… 

Anyway, I hope this helps until I get my usual lube at the Sex Shop… you know… something more accordingly and less “vanilla”, especially since Derek wants me to fist him (you didn’t hear it from me either)…

Anyway… Gotta go now, my “date” is waiting. 

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