One More To Go


It’s not even Valentine’s but I’m already tired.

PatrickA arrived last night all stressed from his midterms, but after some drinks and sweets he relaxed and enjoyed my attentions. Apparently, he had never celebrated Valentine’s before… never had a boyfriend or a fuckfriend so “nice” (using his words).

He was touched, and so we touched, kissed, and devoured each other. The lube did the job and it was a total success. He finally took it all. What this kid needs is more practice… luckily for him he’ll go pro with me!

And speaking of “practice” I found a text from David this morning. He texted me around 2 AM… Not sure what he wanted, maybe was a  drunk text? Maybe he misses me? Maybe he wants me to think of him?

I don’t know, I took him seriously but he took me for granted and right now I’m already too busy… Besides, he’s not Joseph, Justin or Hubby for me to give up on everyone on the spot and take him back.

Anyway with PatrickA’s done, I have one more Valentine to go.

To be continued… 

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