It’s Been A While…

IMG_1656I slept over at PatrickA’s last night, it was a first… In fact, it’s been a while since I slept in a bed that is not mine.

I kind of assumed he came from a wealthy family, but I confirmed last night. See, I’ve been with foreign students in the past and all of them are kids with money, but none was living on a two storey condo by their own.

Although absolute messy and packed with stuff, it was a nice spacious place with a big kitchen and two washrooms. The most interesting… it’s a bit less expensive than my flat! And just like that, I want to move to his building too!!

As usual, I fucked the stress out of him and we had a good time. Yeah I’m slowly getting attached I guess…

Our times together are mostly a mix of passion, submission, information (he’s a nerd) and tenderness…. And even if sometimes he’s too much work in bed (’cause he’s bigger, stronger and more muscular than I) his amazing kisses, and happy face after he vigorously cums all over us, it’s the best reward I can have.


This morning I woke up surrounded by a different background, and I enjoyed not being the host for once… It was a gorgeous sunny morning when I left his place, and I felt good… like I haven’t feel… in a while.

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