b4w8wlxI watched Deadpool on Valentine’s Day (catching up here) because nothing says romance like violence and blood.

My date that night was Derek, who didn’t like the film as much as the idea to fuck afterwards. Sadly, I sent him home after the movie because I had to work the next morning.

He wanted to see me today, but my head is somewhere else… See, after Valentine’s I stopped seeing Connor and Aaron for good and I’m kind of feeling empty. Derek is not the distraction I need.

Also, I’m currently doing okay with PatrickA and I’m not feeling like passing my penis around…  at least for now. He’s been taking care of my erections constantly, so I have no reasons to do so.

Yeah, I’m not only monogamous by love, but also by appreciation, I guess. 

Anyway, back to Deadpool…


One word: BOFFO!! 

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