The Brit Awards paid a tribute to the legendary David Bowie, and they did all the GramMEHs didn’t… make it about him and not about some copy and paste wannabe because, BRITs > GramMEHs!

The legendary Annie Lennox opened the tribute with a little speech, followed by Gary Oldman, a close Bowie’s friend. Lennox is as enigmatic, generational and iconic, she is the choice many of us were waiting to see singing on stage, however, it was pertinent to see her there even if she didn’t use her powerful voice to perform.

On the other hand, Lorde was an inspired choice to sing Life on Mars, and what was even better was to see her performing with Bowie’s backing band and images of  him on the background.

This was the celebrating Bowie through combining old and new that the Grammys had missed… genuine youth with the people who had helped make Bowie great!

And nothing fancy or fussy and absurd: just a great song, played beautifully.

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