Can't_Get_You_Out_of_My_HeadGODDESS Kylie Minogue, the best thing to happen ever, has said “get outta my way” to living FemSkin Kylie Jenner for trying to trademark the name “Kylie”.

The youngest KARTRASHIAN put in the application for trademark in August of last year and GODDESS Kylie’s business reps, KDB, filed to oppose and stop this heinous act of treachery on February 22nd, reports World Intellectual Property Review.

KDB is saying that if Kylie Jenner’s application is approved, it would cause confusion and mess with the original Kylie’s brand. While that’s true from a technical standpoint, you’d have to be pretty dumb to confuse a diamond and a turd.


On top of that, they’re citing the fact that Minogue already owns trademarks for the term “Kylie” not only in entertainment and music, but also for her perfume “Kylie Minogue Darling.”

And I’m also going to plug her home line, Kylie Minogue At Home, because I’m a rabid, frothing at the mouth fan and KYLIE is an ICON!!

She’s around and still VERY relevant since the 80’s.

KDB has also called Kylie Jenner a “secondary reality television personality” as well as pointing out that she’s been criticized by “disability rights groups” and “African-American communities.

Good on them for calling a spade a spade, or rather a budget bucket of silicone a budget bucket of silicone!


I’m glad Minogue’s people have finally done something about this blasphemy.

There’s only ONE Kylie and that is KYLIE MINOGUE!!! 

That bitch should trademark Kartrashian or KallGirl instead. Nobody would fight her over that.

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