Together Again

PatrickA arrived at my place around 10 PM last night… and he was starving!

As soon I opened the door his lips locked mine and they didn’t let go until we find  ourselves in my room. There standing against the wall he took off my underwear and the clothes he had on…

PatrickA not only stimulates my brain, but my all with those kisses and the spectacular solid body that he has…Those legs, DAT ass, every inch of him meticulously sculpted in the temple of lust.

I let him be in control for once, he was really craving for my body, and although I’m not of submissive nature I did my best to control my dominant self and let him explore his aggressive side. He was very turn on blowing me and playing with my ass…

It was the first time he touched my bum that way, ’cause it’s usually me the one in full control. I’m not used to have a bottom interested in my butt, so it felt a bit strange, but I guess the situation stimulated the whole scenario.

See, I was not allowed to fuck him last night… He cut himself while shaving down there.

Since I couldn’t abuse his hole, I was teasing his dick and I guess it woke up the top in him.

I admit being the bottom is not my first instinct, but for a guy like PatrickA (stronger and bigger) I could expand my horizons.

So, there he was all hungry and passionate, handling each other a bit too rough when all of the sudden just after he pronounced the words “Can I fuck you?” my bed fell to pieces…  My poor bed it’s been through a lot… such a trooper.

We laughed about it and kept going on the floor… In the end, I didn’t let him do me because I was not prepared for that. However I told him “maybe next time” after he released his thick load on me.

He seemed happy about the idea, but everybody is happy after they cum… He’s not a top he was just overexcited, but he gave me material to tease him today.

Long story short, I’m very into pleasing my partners curiosity as long as it feels right, and it feels right being together again after over a week of being apart.

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