I slept on PatrickA’s bed last night, but before that I had a date that ended up in my bed. Kevv contacted me, we blah blah blah and decided to see each other immediately.


He came to my flat, we talked, he told me about his boyfriend and his open relationship…

He was very mature about the whole scenario, and surprisingly he found me interesting and very interested to have something ongoing between his asshole and my dick. 

Not only he was adorable, he had a great cheerful personality, and he was also gorgeous. One of the cutest Vietnamese I have ever met. Top 2!

Not sure if he was mixed but he sure was an eye candy… The type of sugar my system needs! What a skin, what an ass, I was in PARADISE!

Physically, he is the opposite of PatrickA’s. He is slim, shorter, and his soft bubble butt was just natural. PatrickA is a tall muscular guy, and his ass (also super hot) is built and solid. However, if I had to choose a body type I would go for Kevv’s ’cause it’s easier to dominate. Just the way a bottom deserves.

So, when Kevv sat on my bed, I explained to him the rules… CLOTHES OFF!

“You’re not allowed to wear clothes on my bed” I said. He looked at me and laughed … “You are very charming” he replied while taking off his pants. 

Face down, ass up and there it goes my mouth.

We were making out and all of the sudden a power outage happened in my building…  we didn’t care and kept going but his moaning were loud, so I had to cover his mouth to prevent the quiet building to hear our fucking.

Seriously… my neighbour next door must be an angel ’cause I never had a complaint despite some very loud partners I had. Joseph from time to time, David as well, Connor was the loudest… and Kevv last night… such a BEAUTY! 

Once he cummed (I saved mine) we took a shower and I had to kick him out despite myself ’cause I had to see PatrickA next.

Once at PatrickA’s I met his Shiba Inu puppy, my new pal Kappa.


We ordered some take out and after we ate it was time for dessert… a very creamy one.

I have completely lost all inhibitions with PatrickA, and I don’t know if I’m doing bad, but that’s how it is and it works for us.

This morning he took me for breakfast to a very cosy neighbourhood café… One of the best breakfast I had. 

PatrickA’s very gourmand, he knows how to eat and he knows all these hidden awesome restaurants in the city.  Once done he took care of the bill and didn’t allowed me to pay him back because that’s how rich he is.

I mean, he’s only 20 year old and his washroom is full of La Mer products he doesn’t even need.

In fact, this morning he applied on my penis some of his moisturiser because nothing says BRING HIM BACK TO LIFE like a $400 cream all over your dick. He really makes me feel appreciated.

Anyway, I could fall in love with PatrickA, but he’s scare of feelings. And I could easily fall in love with Kevv, but he already has a boyfriend.. Although, I can tell we had a connection. I felt it last night and he keeps showing it with his hourly texts today. He knows I’m a fun pastime.


Long story short, I need no one else. I have more than enough with these two. My mouth is tired of last night’s exercise, and my penis REALLY needs a break this weekend. I’m exhausted and I’m sleeping early tonight.