Morning Text, Take 2


So… After I replied to his early text, we were on again. He gave me an excuse and asked me if I was free to meet. I obviously said yes.

I never had a bad breakup, nothing nasty or mean. Well, expect for one. 

If I gave up on David is because I was unable to handle an open relationship. I liked him, however I was not as attached to him the way he was attached to me. Having experienced deep passionate relationships, what I had with him was mostly superficial. But to him I was something somehow serious, and I realized that in the end.

Anyhow, I  gave him my schedule and my demands for that meeting. He needs something from me but I’m done giving it all for free…

In other words, we’ll probably add an S on EX on Monday night because he knows that’s the only way to persuade me. And I’m also conscious of that.

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