Back To Reality

As a wise man, I kept myself and my sex calm over the weekend, but on Monday I went back to reality… Reality that has many names because I have no control over myself whatsoever when I feel TOO free. Unlike other people, singlehood doesn’t do any good to my reputation (let’s pretend I care), my bed sheets, and my sleep. 

That said, out of those on my regular list, and those I still keep in private, I saw David last night.


I was a bit anxious to see him. Even if our “breakup” was cool, get together with your new ex for the first time it’s never evident. You can’t abuse his lips, molest him, nor do any other form of romance.

Although, David is very open to this “daddy,” I chose to keep it cool and save my loaded erection for my present guys. 

So, there he was looking handsome as ever, we hugged and he goes “Did you lose weight?” “Yeah I fuck more often now” I replied…  He laughed and said “Yeah saw a new guy in your pictures”…  obviously I was like “WHAT? What picture? Are you stalking me?” …. “Yes I am,” he replied shamelessly.

Don’t you just hate when your ex’s stalk you? I mean, I should be used to it already. He’s not my only ex who stalk me on Instagram after all.

Anyway, we ate, had a drink and before he fell asleep in my bed he told me something that kind of touched me… “You’re the first man who doesn’t hate me after breaking up. You’re a really good guy”

David is not a bad person, he’s just young, too entitle and too selfish sometimes… Obviously, nobody likes selfish assholes, but not everybody put themselves in the other person shoes.

As an older guy, I understood long ago that young people need to live.

They need to experience joy and pain in order to appreciate and value what they have. Pain in most cases is the best teacher, a necessary evil to make people more empathetic (or bitter, depending how uncool you are).

And I guess being empathetic is a one of my biggest qualities despite the prick image I project… But hey! Let me be honest here. I just put myself out there… I’m like bait for sharks. I’m just a victim of horny perverts.


Long story short, it was nice to see David again. But it was nicer been able to save myself for PatrickA tonight. 

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