My Bunny Got Engaged!

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Speaking of ex’s… I saw another of my ex’s last night (Bunny) and he gave me the news…“I got engaged”… “WHAT?!” I replied. I’m mostly used to his random stuff, but I never expected anything like this.

I was lost in words for a second, and then I said “If you’re sure about it, well… Congratulations!”

Then we talked a bit about his now fiancé (Picture above: The parrot #NoShade). I met him once, but he didn’t seem interested to do anything with me, which I completely understood… However, he looked like a decent guy to me, despite being another melodramatic-insufferable-telenovela-latino.

Yeah, my ex has A TYPE!!!! 

Dude is only 27, and they’re together for 5 months now… So I asked my ex “Isn’t too fast?” … but then I just told him “As long as he respects you and treats you right…” 

What he should be waiting for after all? I will do the same.

See, I’ve always been in long-term relationships… The longest 7 years, the shortest over 2 and I’ve always wanted to get married. Obviously that was not a light decision when I was younger, even though I always thought I would marry the guy of my longest relationship (Hubby)… But it didn’t happen.

What I’m trying to say is I’m not getting any younger, and like Bunny, I would also say FUCK YES to whoever wants to marry my ass. I have my fair share of experience and I have nothing to lose trying something new.

My mentality is very simple, knowing that nothing last forever and that the only certain thing in life is death, you just have enjoy and make the best of whatever you’re dealing with.

If you have a relationship (or many) hold on tight, kiss your partner, make them feel good, make them feel worth it and enjoy their qualities and the positive stuff they bring to your life. And if they don’t make you feel that way… well, then it’s not the person for you. Shake hands, wish them luck and keep going with optimism ’cause someone out there is waiting to make you feel that way.

That said, can someone engage me please? Seriously, I promise to stop being a tramp in the name of love. 

So yeah, God bless Bunny and his guy for having the courage to do what many gay (or straight) guys fear more than getting an STD, and that’s COMMITMENT!

Good job guys. All the best to you!

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2 thoughts on “My Bunny Got Engaged!

  1. r_hsw says:

    Sigh… What i would give to get back with my ex right now. So far, he has been the only guy i could see introducing to my parents and possibly growing old with. So close. Yet too late.

    • olemtl says:

      Awwe stay strong. I know how hard that is. Despite having great partners and relationships in the past, I still miss Joseph a lot. And yeah, I would love to have him back too.

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