Between PatrickA and I there’s not much intimacy. Despite the 2 months together I’ve never really opened myself to him, I only keep it sexual. Last night however, we both opened a bit after he told me about his plans of going to China for work this summer.

After fucking like if there’s no tomorrow and lying on bed he said “Why are you scared?” …  “Scare of what?”“Of a relationship!” he replied.

I’m not sure where he wanted to go with that, I get mixed signals from him from time to time… Well, first and foremost “I’m not scare”,  and so I told him some stuff about my last serious relationship… But not much in detail ’cause that would be like scratching an old scar.

Things felt less casual for some reason last night. 

See, Intimacy requires you to expose yourself, to show your true colours. It requires you to be vulnerable and to place all your cards on the table… And maybe he saw more of that on me last night than the usual dominant mate. If that was the case, then he was right.

I’m getting attached to him, and even though I won’t be alone if he go away, the chances to find someone as complete (hot brain + hot ass) it’s going to be almost impossible.

PatrickA’s brilliant mind understands mine and that’s big for me. He’s been exceptional to me and will be hard to match. He has raised the bar.

Anyway, I can keep going with this but I need to do some groceries now, plus I’m kind of zzzzzz since we slept very late last night…

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  1. r_hsw says:

    Damn. That ass.. Those legs.. and a smart brain too? Take him under your wings already.

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